• Bikanervala
  • Rasmalai
    A sweet best served cold, the Rasmalai is a favourite among kids, parents and grandparents alike. The Rasmalai is made from Chenna balls cooked in sugar syrup and dipped in condensed milk. The milk is flavoured with saffron and cream to give Rasmalai its signature taste. Craving for some? Order online now.
  • Bengali Cup
    This delicious Bengali dish is served during special occasions in the eastern state. Its flavourful ingredients include cheese balls, condensed milk, pistachios, cardamom and saffron strands. Savour a Bengali Cup at Bikanervala Dubai or order one from our online Indian sweets shop.
  • Rasgulla
    Spongy white Rasgullas are among the widely loved Indian dessert sweets. Rasgullas are prepared from cottage cheese, semolina and sugar syrup. Rasgullas are especially popular in West Bengal and Odisha, fondly referred to as Rosgollah in the native dialects. Bikanervala sweets offers packaged Rasgullas which are available for online order from our dessert shop in Dubai.
  • Gulab Jamun
    The award for the most popular Indian dessert goes to, the Gulab Jamun. This sweet and sticky Indian dessert is simply irresistible due to its great taste and aroma. Gulab Jamuns are made from a mix of dough, milk solids, and sugary syrup. Often flavoured with rose and cardamom essence, the Gulab Jamun is best served hot.
  • Moong Dal Halwa
    The original Bikanervala Moong Dal Halwa is an aromatic and mouth-watering Indian dessert. Made in desi ghee, using the choicest of ingredients, dry-fruits and flavouring, the Moong Dal Halwa arrests your senses the moment you pass by it. Order Moong Dal Halwa from our online sweet shop in Dubai for a blissful culinary journey.
  • Mal Pua
    A dish that represents India’s romance with sweets, the Mal Pua is the Indian version of the pancake. It is quite popular in the sub-continent and said to be the favourite dish of Lord Jagannath of Puri. If the gods love it, then who are we to question, right? Order a Mal Pua online from the Bikanervala sweets shop in Dubai and see for yourself.
  • Indrani Cup
    Also known as Angoori Rabri, the Indrani Cup is quite famous in northern India, especially in the capital city of New Delhi. It is a rich, milk-based dessert made from cheese balls dipped in rabri and flavoured with saffron, fruits and dry fruits.
  • Mango Cup
    Bikanervala Mango Cup
  • Malai Rabri Cup
    A cup of thick and creamy Rabri with the added goodness of dry fruits and saffron is enough to make anyone’s day. This quintessential Indian dessert is both tasty and full of calories to refill your energy bank. Preparing Malai Rabri needs patience and time, and at Bikanervala cook it to perfection.
  • Stick Kulfi
    Oh, how we love this frozen Indian dessert, especially during the sweltering heat of an Indian summer. Made from frozen Rabri and the choicest of dry fruits, the Bikanervala stick kulfi flies of the shelf in not time. So, make sure you grab yours before they are all gone.
  • Matka Kulfi
    A traditional dessert needs a traditional presentation, so we have the Bikanervala Matka Kulfi. This frozen Indian dessert is prepared from condensed milk, almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts, garnished and flavoured with saffron. Served in an earthen clay pot, the Matka Kulfi is as delicious as it is exotic.
  • Kulfi Faluda
    The evergreen combo of Kulfi and Faluda is loved all over India. Made from kulfi slices and Faluda – corn starch vermicelli, this frozen dessert is garnished with the choicest of dry fruits and sweet basil seeds. Kulfi Faluda is a healthy way to beat the summer heat.
  • Rabri Faluda
    Another classic combo among the Indian desserts, the Rabri Faluda is, yes you guessed it, a mix of sweetened milk condensed to a thick mixture and corn starch vermicelli. Flavoured with saffron, dry fruits and anti-oxidants, the Rabri Faluda refreshes and energises your body while creamily delighting your taste buds at the same time.
  • Malai Chap
    Made from spongy rasogullas garnished with creamy Rabri, cardamom, dry fruits and nuts, the taste of Malai Chap lingers on your taste buds long after you have had one. This exotic Indian dessert is perfect for serving on special occasions. You can now order sweets online from the Bikanervala shop in Dubai.
  • Malai Roll
    Mawa rolls with a stuffing of fresh Rabri, dry fruits and nuts, the Malai Roll melts in your mouth with every bite, unleashing a tantalising taste. If you love Indian desserts and haven’t tried a Malai Roll yet, then you have missed half-the-journey. Order some now from the Bikanervala online sweet shop in Dubai.

Indian Dessert Restaurant in Dubai

You can never say no to dessert, even if your feel full to the brim after a hearty meal of your favourite Indian cuisines. Do you know the real reason why that is?

It is because our brain has been conditioned that way after millennia of evolution. Sweet food and beverages have always been an important source of nutrition and that’s why we can’t say no to that delicious looking bowl of Moong Dal ka Halwa, ever.

Indian desserts have a special place in the global culinary hierarchy as they offer a rare combination of nutrition and great taste. The aromatic nature of Indian desserts also make them more sensational, which plays an important part in reawakening your appetite – so it’s rightly said that the sweets go into the dessert stomach.

Desserts also have a relaxing effect on your body, some may say that the relaxation comes from satiating the anticipation of having our favourite dessert after a meal. Well, they won’t be wildly off mark on that one.

So, have you been craving for your favourite Indian desserts after settling abroad? Well, if you have, then we have a delightful solution for you. The Bikanervala Indian dessert restaurant in Dubai offers a relishing dining experience for our middle-eastern patrons. Bikanervala is ranked as one of the best Indian food restaurant in Dubai and offers Indian desserts and sweets from all over India.

Be it your craving for a Kesariya Rasmalai or your love for Mal Puas and Moong Dal Halwa, Bikanervala in Dubai offers the taste and goodness of a homemade Indian dessert to delight your taste buds and pick up your mood.

You can now order Indian desserts online from the Bikanervala online sweets shop in Dubai. Simply select the desserts, sweets and namkeen you love and add them to your online cart. We deliver Indian food in Dubai, promptly and with the best quality packaging.