Vegetarian Food In Dubai At Bikanervala Courtyard

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. People from all around the world not only come here for travel and tourism purposes but also works and settle here. The marvelous lifestyle that the city has to offer and its welcoming nature make the preferred destination of many people. However, living in Dubai has its own challenges as well, the primary challenge being the unavailability of vegetarian food. If you search for “veg restaurants Dubai” then you hardly find any good place. This is because there are very few good veg restaurants in the city of Dubai. This comes as major trouble, especially for the strictly vegetarian Indian immigrants living, working or visiting in Dubai. But worry not; this problem too has a solution!

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The Bikanervala Courtyard, Dubai offers a rich variety of indigenously cooked vegetarian Indian food, for all the vegan food lovers. 

About Bikanervala

Bikanervala is essentially one of the oldest and most trusted, multinational chain of Indian cuisine restaurants. From its humble beginnings decades ago, to becoming a brand all across India, to now being an international favourite and a hotspot for Indian food across the world, Bikanervala has come a long long way. The Bikanervala Courtyard in Dubai offers a vast variety of Indian food and dishes, particularly the best quality vegetarian food. 

Salient features of Vegetarian Food at Bikanervala Courtyard, Dubai

  • Best in quality

Bikanervala has always been known as a brand synonymous to quality. At Bikanervala, we prepare food following the utmost hygiene and using the best quality ingredients, never compromising on the health & wellness of our customers. You can trust Bikanervala with closed eyes!

  • Tastes like home

Bikanervala is a truly Indian brand, and it has always stayed truthful to Indian flavours and tastes. We make all our food items keeping in mind the likings of an Indian customer, and you will experience it each time you have a meal with us. Bikanervala = authentic Indian food that tastes like home!

  • A variety you won’t get anywhere else

It is a common misconception that vegetarian food does not have much variety to offer. Well, at Bikanervala, we simple reject and expose this misconception. We have an unmatched variety of vegetarian Indian food items from all parts of India – north, south, east and west alike! 

  • A Most pocket friendly place to eat

When you search for some good veg restaurants Dubai, all you may find is a short list of the high-end fine-dine restaurants, with all for the show and no substance. At Bikanervala, we offer the best quality vegetarian Indian food, priced to be absolutely economical and pocket friendly. 

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The very idea behind the Bikanervala chain of restaurants is to take the best of the Indian food to the world stage. Each of our outlets and the Bikanervala Courtyards is serving the purpose with their absolutely authentic food offerings. Therefore, if you too are looking for some good Indian vegetarian food in Dubai, the Bikanervala Courtyard should be your first choice.

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