Unseen Dubai Diaries

Known for its reckless architectural structures, top class fashion, awesome nightlife and flourishing contemporary art scenes, Dubai is surely the most obvious pick among avid travelers who love shopping. Featured with amazing weather yearlong and with nice beaches, this city is also known to be the capital of entertainment in Middle East.

Before it became world’s biggest metropolis on earth, for centuries Dubai remained as one of the most poor region of the world. With no resources in hand it was only a trading and re-export hub for the traders. But then in 1966, when oil was discovered in the region the destiny of this city changed overnight. Oil revenues were then utilized to develop some of the best infrastructures of the world. And after developing a high quality infrastructure and an expatriate-friendly development, it was in late 1980s and early 1990s when Dubai came up as a major international tourism destination. And today, across the world this city is now known to be the hottest tourist destination. Being the travel destination of the world, the local born Emirates only comprises 12% of its population.

Besides owning the many world famous tourists spots, there are many other places of Dubai which are yet to be explored. Where on one end it will give you the glimpse techno advanced things, on the other end it will showcase its traditionalist side too. For instance, the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa are a perfect example to showcase human offshore developments. And on another side the Arabian Desert will amaze you will nature’s amazing scenic beauty. And in between human and nature’s creation lies some cultural spots like Deira which will give you the true glimpse of real Dubai.

Located in the Deira region of east Dubai, al quasis is actually a community of Dubai. Divided in two major localities, one is dedicated for redential purpose and the other one is an industrial area. Best known for its traditional shops and market, this place is famous for its gold souks. The dazzle of really cheap gold here will surely make you buy some ornaments. Other than this, the Deira spice souk is yet another interesting market to shop for some of the world’s most famous and popular spices. And if you are an Indian, then you can also spot some good Indian restaurants which offer delicious authentic Indian taste. From locating a south indian restaurant at al quasis dubai to finding some great taste of Indian Chats; this place is truly heaven for those who love Indian food.

So, now when next you visit Dubai don’t forget to explore the unseen places there. And besides just shopping for some international brands of apparel and cosmetics, also shop for some authentic spices there. Explore the unseen Dubai to cherish your memories forever.

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