The Unexplored Hidden Treasures of Dubai

Known worldwide to be the most premium shopping destination, Dubai is one of the most obvious pick among the avid travelers. With number of sky scrapers, amazing theme parks, opulent architectural buildings; this place has something to offer to everyone. Besides the world famous Burj Khalifa, palm islands and some of the best gold jewelry shops; there are lot more hidden treasures and pockets which are still not explored to its full potential. So, here we have listed few unexplored things of Dubai which will surprise you. Take a look:

Bastakiya Area

Best known as one of the historic district of dubai, this place also has some of the oldest residential areas that beautifully depicts the true culture and tradition of Dubai. Featured with almost 60 housing units, narrow winding lanes and the Al Fahidi Fort, this place has now been preserved for its unique architectural buildings. Another interesting fact of this area is that every building of this region has a wind tower called “Barjeel” which is also a way of indicating the richness of that family. More the number of Barjeels, better is their financial condition. With lots of other interesting things, this place is a must visit for those who wish to explore the real culture of the city.

South Indian Restaurants

Serving some of the top class restaurants of world, this city has almost all famous world cuisines to offer. Best known to serve variety of non vegetarian food from around the world, you will be amazed to know that there are many popular Indian vegetarian restaurants also. Where some of them serve all types of Indian foods, there are some other which are specialized in serving only the chaats or the south Indian cuisine also. Yes, you heard it right. It’s easy to spot a south indian restaurants in Dubai that serves the uthebtic taste of South India that too with an amazing variety of South Indian food.

Lisaili Camel Market

Featured with sand dunes al all around and huddled modestly next to the Dubai racing and Camel Club, this place is better known as a Dubai Camel market. While driving around this market you will treat your eyes with some of the amazing camel blankets, canes and other handmade ornaments and accessories. With so many pretty camels decked up with bright colored woven nose cones, this market is actually dedicated for trading of camels. The market also has many exclusive items to buy for the camels like their flavored fodders, beautiful ornaments to decorate them and even the medications. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Besides this, The Dubai Creek, the Al Quoz,  Wadi Bih, Hatta Pools are few other hang out places in Dubai which are still to be promoted. Giving you the close glimpse of the real culture of Dubai, these places still hold the traditions of old Dubai. So, now when next time you plan to visit Dubai don’t forget to tap these locations.

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