Tips to Choose Good Indian Restaurant in Foreign Land

best indian food in dubai

Known worldwide for its “unity in diversity”, India is also known to be a hot spot for those who love enjoying food. Filled with aromatic spices, garnished with beautiful colors, stuffed with royal richness; Indian food is a true delight for those who have great taste. When we talk about Indian food, it may range from north Indian cuisine to South Indian food recipes and street chaats to traditional sweets; there are so many options to look out for. It is the heart-melting taste of the Indian food that has now made it available in almost every part of the world. Search for top 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai or look out for best 5 Indian eating joints in Paris; you can find it everywhere.

But if you are out of India and wish to relish on some delicious Indian taste then the below-mentioned points can help you find the best place. Take a look:

  • Does it serve the authentic Indian taste?

Although it is now easier to spot an Indian restaurant in all the famous cities of the world but finding the same exotic taste is still difficult to find. Many people opt for considering the overall features of the restaurant but then before you does that make sure to consider food first. If the food served there serves the real and authentic flavors then everything else will not matter much. The real Indian food features a perfect combination of different aromatic spices, rich and thick gravies, varieties of Indian bread served with some great Indian traditional sweets. And if you have got this all then you are really lucky to gorge on some delicious Indian food.

  • Is the menu traditional?

Nowadays many Indian restaurants in foreign lands have started offering fusion food but then they miss their real flavors. So, always look out for the Indian restaurant in Dubai that specializes in serving the real traditional Indian food only. Dal makhni, dal tadka, paneer makhani, mint chutneys, raita, naan, tandoori roti, gulab jamun, rasgulla, rabri, faluda etc are few traditional Indian food items to look out for.

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  • Don’t forget to count on the ambiance and the hospitality

Indian hospitality is known worldwide for their warm welcoming and serving gestures. Apart from this if you have got a chance to get in a Indian restaurant that has Indian ambience then the chances of enjoying a great Indian dining experience will surely be high. You will always find the staff of Indian restaurants courteous and friendly. They will always be happy to serve you and will greet you with warmth. And this is something which you will never experience anywhere else. So, this also becomes an important point of consideration while choosing the top 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai or anywhere else.

So, if you find any place rated best on all the above-mentioned checkpoints then don’t miss an opportunity to treat yourself there with a fantastic food experience.

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