Take a Dig Into the Variety of Indian Restaurants

The exciting and intimidating Indian food is known worldwide for its exotic ingredients, tongue-tingling flavors and some of the very unfamiliar dishes. But with more and more people preferring to enjoy food in restaurants now we have ample choices of restaurants too. From Indian buffet restaurant to fine dine restaurants and casual dining restaurants to traditional setups; there is a wide range of choices to opt from.

Here we are giving you a glimpse of some of the most popular types of Indian restaurants that are a big hit among Indians. Take a look:

  • Fine Dine Restaurant

Fine Dine Restaurant in dubai

As the name itself speaks for itself, a fine dine restaurant generally offers finest of services, food, and ambiance. From waiters in tuxedos to table with crisp white cloth covering; everything is arranged systematically to offer best dining experiences to the guests. And not just this, even the lighting and music is very soft and subtle to make a comfortable ambiance.

  • Casual Dining Restaurant

Casual dining restaurant

Unlike fine dine restaurants; the casual dining restaurants are more relaxing and casual. With moderate food pricing and friendly and open atmosphere, the casual dining restaurants are now preferred more than the fine-dine outlets. It is because of their growing popularity only that there are lots of food product companies which now own the chain of casual dining restaurants.

  • Buffet Restaurant

Buffet restaurant in dubai

This is yet another very popular choice among avid restaurant customers. The concept of buffet restaurant was introduced sometime around in middle age and it is still running while holding sufficient popularity. There are many Indian buffet restaurants style which offer amazing varieties of dishes. In buffet restaurants, guest needs to serve themselves and they are free to take up anything of their choice in their plate from the varieties of dishes available.


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