Relish on Some Great Indian Delicacies in Dubai

Besides its colorful culture, rich traditions and royal history, India is also known worldwide for its amazing recipes. From North India to South India, we have a wide range of veg and non veg varieties that have managed to become world’s favorite. And it is for this reason only that now these Indian recipes, including North Indian foods in Dubai are available.

North Indian food in Dubai

Around the world, there are many famous tourist destinations that have now arranged the Indian flavors even in foreign lands. Even the big cities like Dubai are among those many foreign destinations that serve the real Indian food. There are many Indian restaurants out there which are owned and operated by Indian restaurateurs and Indian chefs only just to assure that their clients can get the true Indian essence in their Indian menu.

From the wide range of variety of Indian food, here we have tried to categorize Indian delicacies in order to make it more relatable to your taste. Take a look:

  • Delicious North Indian food in Dubai

Be it in vegetarian category or in non vegetarian category, the North Indian food is the most popular cuisine to look around for. Where on one end the vegetarian recipes range from the Dal Makhni and Naan to some mouth watering cottage cheese recipes and chapattis, on the other end the non veg recipes may vary from various mutton dishes to keema preparations. In all, the north Indian dishes are the most recommendable Indian preparations for those who wish to try Indian cuisine.

  • Authentic South Indian food in Dubai

However, if you find Indian food bit heavy than South Indian dishes can give you a bit relief. The delicious sambhar-vada, light and different idli-sambhar, varieties of Dosa (from plain dosa to masala dosa and many other new variants of it), the yummy rasam and some beautifully prepared fish recipes; the South Indian food has its own taste and texture which you cannot get easily everywhere. So, if you wish to treat your taste buds with some real South Indian food than make sure you choose the authentic place that serves the real taste.

  • Savory Indian Chaats in Dubai

Whether you try or not the North Indian or South Indian cuisine of India but you cannot miss to relish on amazing Indian Chaats. Be it pav bhaji or chola bhature, papri chaat or golgappe, samosas or kachori, bhelpuri or aloo tikiya; the tangy and spicy taste of these small quirky eat bites will be the real treat for you.  Popularly known as street food in India, the Indian chats are true delight for those who want to taste something different from regular meal plan.

So, now when next time you visit Dubai don’t forget to try something from every category.

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