Relish on some famous and popular Indian chaats savory in Dubai

While visiting the world’s largest metropolitan city “Dubai” you might come across a fear of not getting the delicious Indian street food there. Commonly referred to as “Chaat” in India, the Indian street food is something that every Indian craves for and miss it badly during foreign trips. But when you are in Dubai you don’t need to miss it because there are many Indian restaurants there which offer almost all popular varieties of Indian chaats that too with same authentic Indian taste. So, here we are listing down the favorite Indian Fast Food Dishes in Dubai that you can relish on while taking a tour of the city.

Take a look:

  • The saviors of spicy urge “Paani Puri”

Also known as “puchke” and patashi, this is one of the most common street snacks of India. The round, hollow and crisp small flour balls have filling of boiled and spicy potatoes and chickpeas with chunks of raw onions which are then dipped in spicy flavored water and then garnished with tamarind sauce. The sweet and sour mixed taste gives a real burst of Indian taste.

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  • Mind Boggling “Chole Bhature”

For those who want to try the real taste of India, Chole Bhature can be the option to consider. The delicious chickpea curry with deep fired fluffy Indian bread makes it a perfect Indian chaat to treat your taste buds.

  • Most essential “Pav Bhaji”

Believe it or not but this north Indian chat has taken over the fancy of many people from around the world and it is for this reason only that it is that one famous Indian street food item that you can easily get in every Indian restaurant in Dubai. It is that one Indian chaat which everyone should try once in a lifetime.

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  • Not to miss “Dahi papdi chaat and Dahi Bhalla”

Both of them are mouth watering Indian street chaats which when consumed gives a true and authentic Indian taste. So, make sure to try it too.

Apart from the above-mentioned chaats, there are many other options (like samosa, dhokla, faluda etc) too that you can count on. But when it is about Favorite Indian Fast Food Dishes in Dubai then these items top the list as you can easily get them in almost every Indian restaurant in Dubai.

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