Relish on Some Amazing Indian Recipes in Dubai

Best Indian restaurant in Dubai

The nation that is famous for its “unity in diversity” is also best known for its authentic food. In India, different region has different palate to offer and among all this diversity there are few recipes which you cannot afford to miss. Then there are few other popular recipes which you can find everywhere in world in every Indian restaurant.  The flavor and taste of traditional Indian recipes is such that it has made it mark in every part of the world. And when it is easily in almost every part of the world then how can we question its presence at the shopping destination of the world? Yes, we are talking about Dubai. The city has ample number of Indian restaurants that promise to treat you with the original Indian taste. But with so many Indian dishes, one might get confuse about what to choose and order. So, here we are listing some of the best Indian food in Dubai that you should try when trying any Indian restaurant there.

Take a look:

The north Indian cuisine

From Dal Makhni to Rajma Chawal and Kadhai Paneer to tandoori rotis and Naans; there are plenty of delicious options to choose from the north Indian cuisine. But before trying your taste on some exotic and new names, make sure to pick from some popular dishes. A stomach full meal of aromatic spicy flavor of popular north Indian dishes can set you travel and shop for whole day. And if you have the capacity then veg North Indian thalis are made up for you. The 4 to 5 course meal of these thalis will surely satisfy your hunger urge thereby making your complete day.

Vegetarian delicacies from South India

And if you are not in mood of trying something heavy and royal from Indian cuisine then south Indian recipes are the option for you. Be it sambhar-dosa with coconut chutney or steamed idle with sambhar or the uttapam; there are plenty of light yet healthy food options to choose from the south Indian cuisine too. Although nowadays there are plenty of new variants in these dishes also but it is still recommended to stick to the traditional choice. The flavor of South Indian cuisine is far different from the north Indian recipes but it still holds the true essence of Indian spices and flavors.

The Indian snacks, “Chaats”

So, if you are searching for best Indian food in Dubai but is not in mood of taking whole meals than Indian chaats can be the option of consideration. From the delicious dahi papdi chaat to sweet and sour golgappas and yummy bhel puri to tasty raj kachori; the savoury taste of these Indian snacks are surely a way to treat your taste buds with some unique flavors of India.

So, when next time you visit any Indian restaurant in Dubai try to order the popular ones and not the exclusive ones.

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