Popular Mouthwatering Indian Desserts in Dubai

Being the largest metropolitan city in the world, Dubai accommodates almost everything from around the world; from the biggest fashion brands to all popular cuisines and world’s best adventures to magnificent architecture. And among the so many things in the city, it is the Mouthwatering Indian desserts that get counted in every visitor’s list. Included in the list of popular desserts in Dubai, it is recommended to try them at least once when you are here In Dubai.

With so many Indians living there, it is easy to hunt for some real Indian food. The city embraces many Indian restaurants which offer great Indian food. Be it Indian snacks, traditional Indian 5 course meal or the traditional Indian desserts; you can get all of these easily in Dubai. Almost all popular food streets of Dubai has a presence of Indian restaurant in Dubai. And if not everything, it is highly recommended to at least try Indian desserts in Dubai.

Here We are Giving You a List of Few Desserts You Must Try at Least Once. Take a look:

  • Bengali Cup

Traditionally known as Mishti Doi, this traditional Bengali sweet is known worldwide for its health benefits. It is actually a sweetened curd made up from fermented milk and jaggery is added to it to make it sweet. And because it is a combination of jaggery and curd thus it has very mild taste and is light for stomach too.

  • Malai Rol

Another lip smacking dessert from India is Malai Roll. This dish also has milk as its elementary ingredient with paneer and khoya as its stuffing. The milk is boiled and thickened till it attains a consistency of malai (a thick form of cream). It is then rolled into rolls with a sweet filling of khoya, paneer and dry fruits.

  • Indrani Cup

With such an appealing name, the look of this sweet dish is as fascinating as its taste. While ordering it, you will surely treat your eyes with it. This delicacy is basically chese balls dipped in rabdi. They are often decorated with pomegranate seeds and pistachios flakes and are served chilled in earthen cups.

  • Matka Kulfi

The traditional form of Ice cream is matka kulfi but it has real essence of Indian flavors like saffron, roasted almonds, cashews, pistachios etc. As the name itself explains, this Indian dessert is also served chilled in small earthen cups.

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