Most Popular Mouth-Watering Indian Desserts Available Dubai

Dubai is an astonishing city that allures people from all around the world to mark a visit. So when it’s time to plan a visit, Dubai is on the way. From its wonderful sites to the lovely beaches, there is much more in Dubai’s treasure for the travelers. The place is quite popular for its appetizing Indian dessert.

Where to try Indian dessert in Dubai?

You can easily find Indian sweets at many places in Dubai. Craving for Indian sweets is quite genuine for those Indians who are living away from the country. You can easily get to taste a bit of the most popular flavors of India. Bikanervala is a popular place where you can find most of the Indian sweets.

What to look before buying Indian sweets?

Different people have different choices. There are certain things to consider when you are going to buy sweets.

  • Preferences: Everybody has their own preferences. There are different types of sweets that are made from different ingredients. Each ingredient adds a unique flavor and changes the taste of the sweet.  Some are made from milk, some require flour, some are made from honey etc. The choice of dessert depends on the taste of the buyer.
  • Ingredients: All ingredients are not meant for all. The choice of ingredients changes the entire oomph of the sweet. Some prefer mild sugar while some like enough sugary content.
  • Health: People also buy sweets considering their health. There are many sweets available for health-conscious people.

Types of mouth-watering Indian desserts in Dubai

Availability of different types of Indian sweets is definitely going to relish your drive.  Below are types of Indian sweets that are quite popular in Dubai.

  • Kaju Sweets: It includes tempting Kaju burfi, Burfi Kaju Kesar, Kaju roll, Kaju apple, Kaju lemon and premium Kaju Anjeer.
  • Khoya Sweets: Pedas and Burfis made from khoya which is a dairy product.
  • Bengali Sweets: It includes Rasmalai, Sandesh, Malai roll, Rajbhog, Rasgulla, Chenna Toast, Kesar Anarkali, Coconut Burfi and Indrani cup etc are some famous Bengali sweets.
  • Ghee Sweets: It mainly contains Laddu, Malpua, Imarti, Gulkand, Halwa and Jalebi etc.

These are some best Indian dessert in Dubai served to you directly from flavors of India.

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