Most Popular Indian Food in Dubai

From multiple cultures to languages there is also a drastic divergence in Indian cuisine from state to state. Where spicy food is the specialty of North India, South India is famous for simple, subtle and non-spicy food. Indian cuisine is very famous across the world because of its uniqueness, spice combination, nutrient value and above all its amazing taste. Whether it is North, South, East and West Indian food, the quality and taste are tremendous. There are many people who sell Indian food in Dubai for fellow Indians to keep them connected with their country’s taste.

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Most Popular Indian Food in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city and is very much popular for tourism and also for commuters from India and other parts of the world in search of the job. The most popular Indian food you can find in Dubai is:

  • Mysore Masala Dosa:

masala dosa - South Indian food This is a specialty from Udipi of South India. It is made up of the rice batter which is spread evenly to form a pancake It is filled with a mix of potatoes and has an even spread of red chili paste. This dish is quite popular in Dubai. It is very nutritious and is very light in eating and is served with Sambhar (a curry of the healthy mix of vegetables).

  • Pudina Parantha:

This is another famous food from North India. This mint parantha is very rich in nutrients and is known as healthy food. Its amazing flavor of mint provides an irresistible aroma that definitely increases your appetite.

  • Matar Kulcha:

Matar Kulcha

This is one of the delicious North Indian foods. This light snack is capable of stabilizing your hunger and can be prepared in just a couple of minutes. It is served with deliciously cooked chickpeas and is very tasty.

  • Channa Bhatura:

Channa BhaturaThis is the food from Punjab in North India. It is quite popular all over the world because of its unique and wonderful taste.

It is not strenuous to find Indian food in Dubai as there are many Indian and other Indian restaurants that offer popular food from India.

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