What to Order in Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai?

Indian recipes are known worldwide for their great taste and exotic flavors. In this, it is the vegetarian food holds a very important place. Be it in terms of flavor or taste or varieties the Indian vegetarian food is unbeatable. And all thanks to the new innovative cooking techniques which has made Indian cuisine more interesting and flavorsome. It is for this reason that you can easily find pure vegetarian restaurants in Dubai and everywhere else in the world. Almost every popular city in the world has one good pure vegetarian Indian restaurant. So, you need not travel India every time when you wish to enjoy the Indian flavors.

pure vegetarian restaurants in Dubai

But with so many varieties sometimes it might become difficult to choose the best dishes. So, here we are listing some of the most popular choices from the Indian food. Take a look:

  • Anyone Dal and Paneer Preparation is a Must Try

Since ages, the veg Indian meal is known for their delicious collection of various dal recipes and paneer preparation. In dal, the choices might range from the simple dal tadka to the rich dal makhni and the choices of paneer can go from shahi panner to kadhai paneer and lots more.

  • Don’t Forget to Try Varieties of Indian Bread

Unlike other countries, India has vast varieties of Indian bread to choose from. Be it simple and plain tawa roti to oven baked tandoori roti and naan, from lachcha parantha to roomali roti – there is ample of choices to choose from.

No Indian meal is said to be complete without the Indian sweet dish. Whether it is a jalebi or kalakand, gulab jamun or rasgula; there are unlimited varieties in Indian sweets too.

So, next time when you visit best Indian food Restaurant in Dubai don’t forget to order the above mentioned dishes.

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