A Look Over The Popular Recipes From India

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Known for ”unity in diversity”, India has many examples that make this quotation stand right. From diversified geographies to varied food platter; we have ample of things that reflect our unity despite of so many diversities. Among the so many diversities, it is the food also that represents “Unity in Diversity”. Be it north and south Indian food or the street chaat food; there are many popular choices that can make your mouth water.

So, here we are discussing few of those popular vegetarian foods from India that have already managed to be on the global menu. Take a look:

North Indian Recipes 

Known worldwide for the delicious curries and cottage cheese recipes, there are plenty of choices in it to choose from. So, here we are listed only the most popular ones. Take a look:

  • Indian red kidney beans curry with plain rice

Popularly known as Rajma chawal, this recipe is a big hit among masses in North India. Consisting of red kidney beans cooked in spicy gravy; this rajma curry can also be consumed along with Indian chapattis.

  • Indian bread with shahi/kadhai/butter paneer

From butter naan and tandoori rotis to layered paranthas and missi roti there are plenty of options in Indian breads which suit best with all Indian cottage cheese recipes. But among so many choices, it is the only shahi/kadhai/butter paneer that has managed to make their way successfully on global platform.

  • Kheer and jalebis

No Indian meal is said to be complete without the traditional Indian sweets. And among the so many choices in them, it is the jalebi and kheer only which can satisfy the urge for traditional sweet taste. Where on one end, Kheer is a creamy rice pudding flavored with loads of cardamom and dry fruits, on the other end jalebis are the crispy, fried and sugar coated treat.

South Indian Dishes

Apart from idli, smabhar, dosas and vadas; there are plenty of other vegetarian south Indian options that that can make your day. All you need to do is “just explore”.

  • Puliyogare/Tamarind rice

Prepared traditionally with steamed rice, it is also considered as a quick fix meal for the busy peoples. Flavored with almost all Indian spices, it also has a pinch of jaggery and tamarind juice to give it sweet-sour taste.

  • Appam

Prepared from the fermented batter of coconut milk and rice, Appam is the delicious think pancake with crispy sides and soft and fluffy center. Served generally with coconut milk or dipping, the Appam is very simple to prepare and healthy to eat both in breakfast and dinner.

  • Rasam

In the list of many popular north and south Indian foods, the last dish is the Rasam. The scrumptious pungent soup/curry is an inevitable part of every south Indian meal and is an amazing digestive aid also. Tempered with tamarind pulp, curry leaves, and mustard, it is a must try a recipe of south India.


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