Where to Eat Regional Indian Food in Dubai?

Dubai is a beautiful destination in the United Arab Emirates. The place welcomes a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. To serve the visitors, Dubai has all the arrangements related to sights, accommodation, food, entertainment, technology and much more. Tourists in Dubai can spend a wonderful time enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. According to the tourist’s taste, the city offers a lot of food variety to match their needs such as French, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Mughalai, etc. Indian food is rich in variety and taste. There are many restaurants in the city that serves regional Indian food such as North Indian food, South Indian food, Rajasthani dish, Gujrati meal and different types of Indian sweets. Therefore, tourists from India do not find any difficulty in finding their taste of food.

Where to eat regional Indian food in Dubai?

Where to eat regional Indian food in Dubai?

A large number of people from India also visit Dubai for various purposes such as spending a vacation, for commencing business or for job purpose. The love for Indian food is quite high in many parts of the world. To serve the visitors need of Indian food; Dubai restaurants hire talented Indian chefs to enrich the food with great Indian taste. You can find the real Indian regional food taste in many restaurants in the city. The original Indian food taste can be offered only by those who have got its real taste and know the differences in the spices and their right selection for preparing the food. If you want to eat regional Indian food that tastes amazing in the city, here are some tips that can help you serve your crave.

  • Ask the locals: The locals in Dubai are the ones who are familiar with all the places of Dubai. Asking them to find a good Indian restaurant that can help you get the real taste of India is really a good idea. They can tell you the exact place where you find the food that you are looking for.
  • Dubai food apps: Like Indian food apps such as Zomato, Uber Eats, etc Dubai offers food apps for ordering the food of your choice at your doorstep. The food apps that are highly popular in the city are Talabat, FoodonClick, and RoundMenu. With the help of these apps, you can choose your favorite food and can order it to your place.
  • Famous Indian franchise: You can find some famous Indian restaurant’s franchise in Dubai. The easiest option to get the taste of regional Indian food is going there. Bikanervala, India’s most loved food chain has a dedicated courtyard in Dubai. Here you can savor Indian sweets and snacks in Dubai and reminisce about homely food.

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