A Glimpse on Few Popular Vegetarian Recipes From North Indian Cuisine

Besides holding on different cultures and traditions, India is also known to own variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and grains. Each season here has something different to offer. The delectable food recipes from Indian cuisine promise to take you on an enjoyable gastronomic joy ride. From the rich and royal flavors of slow-cooked food to the soothing comfort food; there are lot of choices to treat your tummy. The popularity of Indian flavors is so high on the global platform that you can easily find the popular recipes of North Indian food in Dubai.

And among the so many popular dishes, here we are listing the few vegetarian picks. Take a look:

  • The Seasonal Hits

Besides, plenty of year-round recipes that you can gorge on any day of the year there are few North Indian recipes which you can enjoy only in particular season. For instance, make ki roti with sarson ka saag is best enjoyed in chilly winter seasons with a cup of hot baajre ki raabdi. Then, lassi and chaach get into their best flavors in hot seasons. Other than this, gajar ka halwa and kair-sangri is also the dishes of winter season.

  • Treat of Indian Snacks (Chaats)

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Have you ever gorged on the mouth-watering snacks of North India? If not, then you have surely missed a delightful treat. From the aloo ka samosa to dahi bhalla and chole bhature to pav bhaji; there are plenty of choices in North Indian snack section that can make you day. Served as a companion over your tea and coffee breaks, these small crunchy bite delights are the best way to get a aromatic taste of Indian flavors.

  • The Royal 5 Course or 7-course Meal

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Whether you opt for a royal Rajasthani Thali (that comprises of varieties of baati and churma along with dal) or the heavy North Indian Thali (that generally comprises of two three varieties of Indian bread, one paneer recipe, a curd preparation, dal, one rice preparation, salad and sweets); the North Indian meal is surely full of flavors and choices. Most of the vegetables are cooked and simmered in thick and rich gravies and are then sorted with amazing spices to get the mouth-watering taste.

  • The Sinful Dairy Sweets

Whether you opt for North Indian food in Dubai or in India itself; no Indian meal is said to be complete without the Indian traditional sweets. From rabri and kheer to kulfi and Bengali sweets; most of the Indian desserts have milk as their main ingredient. The milk is either boiled and cooked to get mawa or is processed futher to get chaina from it. And in some cases milk is used as it is get flavorful sweet delights. Saffron and cardmom are the two most commonly used Indian spices to give an aromatic flavor to traditional Indian sweets. http://credit-n.ru/kredity-online-blog-single.html http://credit-n.ru/zaymi-na-kartu-blog-single.html

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