A Glimpse Over the Nutritional Value of Indian Food

Just like its culture even varied Indian food does not need any introduction. From the simple and traditional south Indian food that is authentically served on banana leaves to rich and heavy north Indian Thali that serves from brief 3-course meal to lavish 8-course meal too; there is a wide and exotic range of north and south Indian food that can be enjoyed. Having something to offer for everyone, the Indian food is also known worldwide for its high nutritional value.

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So, here we are discussing a brief detail about the nutritional aspect of some of the popular Indian foods. Take a look:

  • Breakfast

Like it is said that one should always start their day with heavy breakfast thus Indian food culture offers heavy breakfast options to kick-start your day on healthy note. Take either idli sambhar, poori sabzi or samosa/kachori along with a glass of milk/buttermilk to start your day on healthy note.

  • Lunch

An Indian lunch generally comprises of Indian bread, one curd preparation, one thick gravy vegetable along with pickle. The lunch in Indian culture generally remains brief as everybody is on work and does not have ample of time to enjoy the food.

  • Dinner

A dal preparation with anyone rice preparation along with assorted basket of Indian bread and 3 to 4 vegetable preparations makes an Indian dinner. The dinner needs to be extended as all family member sits together to enjoy the last meal of the day. Generally, dinner ends up on a sweet note with some traditional Indian mithai.

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Both north and south Indian food, have their own set of nutritional advantages. All you need to do is explore them to get the best from it for your health. So, keep exploring and enjoying the varied taste of diversified Indian food culture.

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