A Glance at Some of the Post Popular Vegetarian Dishes from the Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisine menu has variety of choices to serve the foodies. The great variation in taste and from the different ways of cooking food, it sometimes becomes really very tough to make the choice. Known worldwide for its exotic flavors and delicious taste, the Indian food has its recognition everywhere in India. From Middle East countries to the west; it has made it presence felt everywhere. It is for this reason only that you can have many choices of Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai also.

However, to help in making your choice for it here we are mentioning some of the most popular Indian veg recipes. Take a look:

Dal makhni with Naan

No meal can said to be complete without the hearty dose of Dal Makhni and Naan. It is the awestruck flovor of this black lentil recipe that has made it an internationally acclaimed recipe. Being an essential combination of every restaurant menu, the Dal Makhni with Naan is surely a must try Indian food for those who have urge for the desi Indian food.

Various paneer dishes

From the velvety smooth paneer butter masala to the eternal favorite kadhai paneer; there are plenty of choices in cottage cheese to choose from when it comes to Indian paneer dishes. Be it in chaats like paneer tikka or a vegetable recipe in a 3 or 5 course meals; it is yet another essentiality in Indian restaurant menu. To no surprises, the paneer has a versatile functionality in cooking. Eat it raw or cook it or fry it; it has plenty of consumption choices. Moreover, it has plenty of nutritional value associated with it. Thus, paneer is surely a popular choice for Indian food lovers.

Rice preparations

Once considered to be the food of only royals, today various rice preparations have become the staple of every Indian meal. Eat them in breakfast or take it in your dinner, the ample of choice in rice preparations have make it a mandatory item for Indian food lovers. With choice of plain boiled rice to the delicious zeera rice and from the plenty of choice in vegetable pulav to easy masala khichdi; the various rice preparations are the most comforting food to look out for when you have an urge to taste some authentic yet light Indian food.

Veg Thaali

Step in any Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai and we are sure that you cannot miss the choice of Veg thali from the menu. Generally, comprising of 2 to 3 vegetable options, Indian bread, a bowl of curd, one rice preparation and a piece of sweet dish; the veg thali is surely an economic option to look out for if you wish to taste variety in Indian food. From the executive thali to the thali on chef recommendation and from the choie of Rajasthani Thali to the South Indian Thali; there are plenty of options in it also to choose from.

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