Get to Taste Flavors of India Around the World

Besides its rich culture and history, India is also known worldwide for its tasty food. Around the world, India has marked its presence for using some of the most authentic spices and flavors. The flvor some dishes of India are so tasty and popular that now you can easily gorge on the Indian food even outside the India. From the quick and spicy chaats to the royal 5 course meal; India has a wide array of food varieties to gorge on.
So, here we are listing the glimpse of some of the India’s favorite menu. Take a look:

A spicy treat of north Indian chats

Known for various lip smacking chaats, the streets of north India are best known for the wide varieties of cheap, quick, scrumptious street food. From the Amritsari chole bhature to mumbaiya vada pav and the yummy puchkaas to the crunchy bhel puri; there is lots of option to give your taste buds a delicious treat of chaats.

The joy of these quick snacks is so popular that now you can grab on the same taste even ouside the India. There are many Indian food joints in Dubai that offer an exclusive range of the north Indian chaats to please the taste of their customers.

A healthy option of south Indian food

South Indian restaurants in Dubai

Around the world, the south Indian food is famous for its low calorie yet appetizing dishes. Be it idlis, dosas, vadas or uttapams, the main ingredient of all south Indian preparations is rice based which makes it light to digest. Considered as one of the healthiest option for the meals, the popularity of south Indian cuisine is also worldwide.

There are many South Indian restaurants in Dubai that offer the real and authentic taste of South India in their all south Indian recopies. And not just in Dubai, you can easily spot a south Indian food restaurant in any part of the world serving variety of south Indian dishes.

A majestic taste of East Indian recipes

Not so popular and famous but still holding the enticing taste of real India, the East Indian recipes are bit distinctive but it holds an amalgamation of local cuisines. All the East Indian recipes are generally spiced delicately with a touch of local ingredients that makes the dishes subtle in taste. Some of the common recipes of East Indian food are: Pakku, Khalo dal, Phulaurah etc

The comforting taste of East Indian recipes is as comforting as their people. Serving something different from the regular and common Indian food, most of the recipes here have an effect of neighboring countries which makes it taste bit unique and different.
Every corner of India has something different to offer. Be it in terms of food, culture, traditions or rituals; this country is surely a majestic place to wander and explore around. The impression of this India on other countries is such that even they have adopted a small part of it in their geographies so as to attract the attention of natives and tourists.

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