Get Freshly Cooked Indian Food Home Delivered in Dubai

Indian cuisine is one of the most sought after food item overseas, particularly in countries where the Indian diaspora is present in large numbers. The generally vegetarian nature of our cuisines however makes it difficult to find good Indian restaurants as frequently as we may wish for a little harder in the overseas market. People who are travelling to or working in the United Arab Emirates often face this situation owing to the cultural differences between our nations. That is why we at Bikanervala are ever more committed to the cause of our compatriots by providing healthy and vegetarian Indian food in Dubai. We are now among a few Indian restaurants who offer online food delivery in Dubai.

The Bikanervala restaurant is located at an easily accessible location in Dubai and has a refreshing ambience with comfortable seating arrangements. Our staff is courteous and ever considerate in case you need assistance. We offer an extensive menu of Indian food items ranging from snacks to main courses and dessert items.

The snacks menu has all the must haves on an Indian food lovers list – samosas, kachoris, chaats and paani puri to name a few – and our main course a la carte menu serves homely Indian cuisines such as shahi paneer, dal makhani and chana masala. Savour on our delightful Indian desserts menu once you are finished with your main course, the sweet aroma of moong daal halwa and the juicy taste of Rasgullas, Gulab Jamuns and Rasmalais at Bikanervala will have you keep coming back for more for sure. Then there are our milk treats and Burfis to consider, we offer an endless ride of culinary joy for Indian food lovers.

You can also avail our Indian food catering services in Dubai. We offer carefully curated menu and plate rate cards to fit every need, whether you are looking for a budgeted ceremony or a culinary extravaganza we are the perfect catering choice for the occasion. Our special live food counters will ensure that yours is a party that remains in the memory of guests for years to come.

Bikanervala also has a packaged food section from where you can buy snacks and sweets items to take home with you. We maintain the highest standards of kitchen hygiene and our packaging materials are of top quality. In case you have ordered food online with us, please allow us some time to determine the serviceability to your location. We will call back with an estimated time of delivery once you confirm the order online.

From its humble beginnings in Indian capital city of Delhi, the Bikanervala sweet shop has come a long way but our ethos remain much the same – that is to delight a customer with our homely cooked food. And we are proud to say that we have been admired by many a local patron for our efforts here.

Once again, if you are in Dubai and yearning for some Indian food, head over to and order food online in Dubai with us.

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