An Indian Food Lover’s Guide to Dining Out in Dubai

Indian food is known the world over for its delicacy and flavours. With the diverse variety of rich tastes that it has to offer, Indian food has something for people of all tastes and cuisines. This is one of the main reasons that India’s food preparations have found not only takers but admirers in many countries across the world. Several Indian restaurants offering the best of Indian food have mushroomed through all the main cities and townships in almost all countries. In fact, there are a number of Indian restaurants in Dubai as well. These Indian restaurants serve good not only for the residents of the UAE and the NRIs but also act as a boon for the Indian tourists in Dubai.

One of the top Indian restaurants in Dubai is Bikanervala

Bikanervala is undoubtedly one of the top food brands in India. It is a brand to reckon with, which is highly popular amongst the food lovers across India. How does it feel when one gets the same brand, with the same delicious and hygienic preparations, completely soaked in the Indianness of the food, on the foreign land? Best that one can expect, isn’t it?

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That’s the reason why any Indian food lover’s guide to dining out in Dubai cannot be complete without Bikanervala at the top of it. In fact, it won’t be wrong if we say that it can start and end at Bikanervala itself!! That’s exactly this post is all about – Bikanervala.

5 salient features of Bikanervala that make it best amongst top Indian restaurants in Dubai:

  1. Most authentic Indian food

There are many top Indian restaurants in Dubai, but no food outlet other than Bikanervala will offer you the same authenticity and Indian flavours as you would get in India. It is the USP of Bikanerwala.

  1. An unmatched variety and food options

Bikanerwala offers a variety of food options that you may not find under one roof, anywhere else. Starting from North Indian Thalis, to the delicious Dosas from the South and a range of desserts and sweets, you get it all here.

  1. Same hygiene, the same trust: 

One thing that the Bikanervala chain has never compromised upon is the quality of its products and hygienic practices followed in their preparation. The Dubai outlet is no different. Therefore, you can lay your trust in them.

  1. Friendly, well-trained staff

Bikanervala, Dubai has made sure that one feels at home when dealing with their staff and managers. All of them are not only professional and well-trained in their work, but are also absolutely friendly and welcoming in their conduct.

  1. Best value on money

Finally, when at Bikanervala, you get the best value for your money. While many top Indian restaurants in Dubai might be looting you in the name if Indian food, Bikanervala has one of the most reasonable pricing and best quality service.

So what is an Indian food lover’s guide to dining out in Dubai? When in Dubai, and craving for good Indian food, visit Bikanervala!

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