Celebrate this Diwali with Indian Sweets in Dubai

It is not easy to stay away from your home and motherland on days of festivals, especially when it is Diwali. But people who could not make it to come back to their homes and India look out for options that can make them feel less homesick. And in process of making a home away from home, Bikanervala could help you by offering a wide range of authentic Indian flavors. From food and chaats to traditional Diwali sweets in Dubai and festival gift packs; this store has it all to let you celebrate India and its festivals.

With various stores located across the globe, their Dubai store is known for their ultimate Indian cuisine and special festive delicacies and gift packs. So, if on this Diwali you are in Dubai they don’t feel left alone because Bikanervala has come up with various Diwali gift packs and special Indian sweets to make your Diwali more special.

Among the various Diwali packs, here we are listing few popular Diwali sets. Take a look:

  • Dry Fruit Platters for Those Who are Health Conscious

Whether you want a small platter or want the big one or you want the plain dry fruits or the roasted or salted variety; they have it all to suit your taste. This Diwali, pick them if you are health conscious and are avoiding too much of sweets.

  • Special Diwali Sweets for Those Who Miss Their Home

You might not get a chance to taste Panjeeri ladoo otherwise but if it is Diwali then bikanervala make sure to offer you some taste that resembles with the taste of your homemade sweets.

  • Diwali Gift Packs to Celebrate Diwali Away From Home

Another way to skip the feel of “homesick” is by exchanging some sweets and gifts. From the simple mithai packs to gourmet gift sets; the store has it all to help you choose the best Diwali gift.

  • Option of Making Customized Gourmet Packs for Those Who Want to Add Some Personal Touch

And if you don’t like any gift set then you can get one made for you as per your personal choice. What else you could have asked for?

If you are in Dubai and have not visited their Dubai store to date then make a plan to step in store soon. And we are sure that you will definitely get the vibes of Diwali.

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