5 Famous and Delicious Indian Sweets to Buy During Raksha Bandhan

Desserts are everyone’s favorite and they are Indians’ weakness. Imagining the warmth of delicious sweet in your mouth makes you feel go for it. They are absolutely appetizing and a meal is known as complete only after the addition of a sweet to it. In Indian sweets are offered during special occasions and are a symbol of happiness. This Rakhi, buy a variety of savory sweets for your lovely brothers and sisters and make them feel special. Sending sweets along with Rakhi to your brother helps in refreshing and treat with sweets.

Five Famous and Delicious Indian Sweets

Sweets or mithai are considered as an essential part of Indian festivals. They are highly gifted on the special occasions and are a specific item in the Indian cuisine. Laddus are all-time favorites and are highly popular in India. Their origin is Ancient India but many of their varieties are introduced by Mughals who came from Persia. There are five most delicious and famous Indian sweets that are quite popular all around the country especially during festive seasons.

  • Exclusive Sweets:

Dry fruit chakkar and Kashmiri barfi are among the most exclusive Indian sweets. Dry fruit chakkar is made of superior quality of dry fruits. Kashmiri barfi is prepared by using cashew, pistachio and almond paste mixed with Kesar. The yellowish paste then rolled into thin pieces and gives immense taste.

  • Kaju sweets:

Kaju sweets are amazing in taste as they are made of pure cashews. Burfi Gulkand and Kaju barfi are all time favorite and are largely loved by all.

  • Khoya sweets:

Various khoya sweets are made from milk which is prepared to make khoya from it. Addition of sugar and dry fruits can develop various khoya sweets such as milk cake, kalakand etc.

  • Bengali sweets:

The widely used Bengali sweets on the occasion of festivals are malai roll and orange coconut laddu. Malai roll is made from milk and coconut is used in making coconut laddus.

  • Ghee Sweets:

All-time favorite and largely used in India are Bikaneri laddu and besan laddu in which the main ingredient used is Ghee. It adds a unique and lovely taste to the sweets.

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