10 Delicious Indian Desserts that You Might be Missing Out

Desserts are for sure everyone’s favorite.  It is said that an Indian meal can’t be complete without a dessert. According to the research, on an average three out of five Indians eat dessert after the meal. Every Indian state has its own specialty of foods and desserts. Moreover, Indian cuisine is one of the main points that attract tourists to India. Indian Cuisine is rich in nutrients and the taste differs from place to place. India is rich in culture and each culture has its own food specialty. Every occasion is important and desserts are specifically made to celebrate it. Though, there are many deserts in India that can be consumed daily. So, a trip to taste Indian cuisine and especially the Indian dessert in Dubai is a worth. Each and every dessert has its own significance and the unique taste.

Ten Most Demanding Indian Desserts From Different Parts of India

Desserts are the pride of India. They are quite important to celebrate an occasion in India whether it is a festival, a birthday, marriage, corporate event, business success etc. A special Indian occasion can’t be completed without a mouth-watering dessert. There are many desserts that signify the taste of India. Following are the ten most demanding Indian desserts from different states.

  1. Ghewar: Ghewar is a delicious dessert from Rajasthan. The dessert can be prepared with all purpose flour and sugar syrup. The shape given to this Indian dessert is just like a computer disc.
  2. Modak: This sweet is from Maharashtra, it looks beautiful and has a supreme taste.
  3. Sandesh: It is a famous dessert from Bengal. The mouth-watering dessert can steal anyone’s heart.
  4. Kalakand: The delicious dessert is from Alwar. It is a popular dessert and can be consumed on any occasion.
  5. Pinni: It is a laddoo from Punjab made from wheat flour mixed with all types of dry fruits that enrich its flavor.
  6. Mysore Pak: This sweet is from Mysore, and is absolutely a delight.
  7. Petha: The famous dessert is from Agra and comes in various syrup and dry form.
  8. Peda: The desserts are quite famous with the name ‘Mathura ke Pede’. This is a dessert for every occasion.
  9. Neyyappam: The desert is from Kerala and adds a glory to the occasions.
  10. Bebinca: The gorgeous looking dessert is from Goa and is a part of many occasions.

Along with these, Indian dessert in Dubai has many more options and can not be ended in a single article.

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